If you are feeling lonely or anxious Hello Hunter has local volunteers ready to help. There are a number of different way that you can connect with us.

You can facebook message, email help@hellohunter.org.au

or click on the button below and submit an online help request.


Hello Hunter partners with churches to mobilise volunteers to help people in need, regardless of their faith background, commitment, or other social standing or identity.

Hello Hunter is for any person experiencing hardship due to  social isolation, poverty, disease, disaster, disability, illness, age, mental health, family, social, or other community network breakdown.


Our neighbourhood volunteers are available for a friendly chat. They are not counselors or health professionals but they have time to listen. A worry shared is sometimes a worry halved. If you need specialist help they will assist you in finding the help you need.


They can make a delivery of essential food or medicine if a temporary situation has come up that means you are unable to get to the shops. You will need to make payment for your goods and our volunteers can pick it up.* If you do not have money for these essentials we can help you to connect to a local food relief service or crisis help centre.

NOTE: Hello Hunter Services are free. Hello Hunter volunteers cannot handle cash or payment cards. If they are picking up items for you these must be pre paid.


In times of crisis, prayer can give people a sense of guidance and comfort in difficult times. Hello Hunter partners with Christian Churches and can offer prayers of encouragement, blessing and comfort that are consistent with Christian beliefs.


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Hello Hunter is committed to the feedback and concerns of every person who reaches out for assistance. If you have any concerns please let us know.