Choose a project by going to the projects page in your region.


Click the ‘Get Involved’ button and fill out your registration details. The CityServe team will be in touch to help connect you with a project and all the detail you need to participate.

If you are a representative of a club, church, business or community group ‘Register as an Organisation’ and the team will be in touch with you.


The type of volunteer works are mostly unskilled labour jobs such as painting, cleaning and gardening. If you have a trade level skill please let us know and we will find a project that can utilize this skill. Once you have registered for a project you will be sent the contact details of the project coordinator who will put you on team and make sure that you get all the information that you need to successfully participate. This will include meeting point location and start time.

PLEASE NOTE: To participate in a project all volunteers must comply with the below:

  • Volunteers are responsible for checking with their project coordinator project specific information such as date, times and location.
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn on the work site.
  • Volunteers are responsible for taking ‘Sun safe’ precautions including hat and sunscreen.
  • Volunteers are responsible for staying hydrated.
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own possessions such as mobile phones and should ensure they are in a secure location.
  • Children participating in a project must be accompanied and supervised at all times by their own parent / carer / teacher or guardian.
  • Volunteers must participate in a ‘Tool Box Talk’ on site and sign this has been completed.

Thank you for being a CityServe volunteer! 

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