The CityServe Vision:  Transforming our city together through service.

How Does That Work

CityServe is a unique initiative that embraces collaborative working partnerships between council, business and community organisations to benefit the community.

What it Looks Like

Homes of the needy painted and repaired. Public facilities such as surf clubs and sporting grounds cleaned, painted and repaired. Parks mulched and streets spaces painted and cleaned. Schools Community halls and Childcare centers painted and playgrounds restored.

Terms and Conditions for Participating Organisations

 CityServe asks all participating organisations to consider and implement all reasonable measures to keep participating volunteers safe on CityServe Projects.

CityServe Terms and Conditions

CityServe is an Incorporated Association with a charity status and as such operates under the rules and guidelines of the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Association.  There is a Board and Constitution that guide its operations.

Cityserve Incorporated INC1500348
ABN 96145519715
CityServe ACNC Charity Status Certification

CityServe Incorporated Association Board

Rick Prosser is the Chairman of the CityServe Board.

Rick is involved in many things, most of which are purposed to help people and contribute to our community. In 2004, he established RUSH Youth Mentoring. A school based mentoring program for vulnerable youth that placed a significant adult mentor into their lives. In 2012 in collaboration with churches across the region he established CityServe. In 2014 Rick was named Newcastle Citizen of the Year for his 20 plus years pioneering and leading community charity work.

Rick and his wife Sue are currently the pastors of Life Church Newcastle a church that tangibly impacts its local community. He is CEO of Soul Café that provides 700 meals+ a week and other assistance to the homeless, those who have mental health, drug, alcohol or substance abuse problems.

Rick is a passionate and entertaining speaker able to lift the listener’s sights and stir them to action; to love, serve and make a difference in ‘their place’!

Pastor Rick Prosser
Kingdomworks   Life Church
Soul Café   CityServe
PO Box 686, Newcastle NSW 2300   Mobile: 0404 038 000
Objects and Constitution of CityServe Inc
CityServe Account Details: 
Acc Name: City Serve   BSB: 082 514   Acc: 395095533

The CityServe Story

CityServe Australia was initiated in the Hunter Region where there has always been a great serving tradition. People give of their time, energy and resources to serve others, particularly those doing it tough.

CityServe builds on this great tradition!

In 2011 a group of Newcastle Pastors began a partnership with the Luis Palau association to host an outreach festival in Newcastle. In November 2012 a 2 day festival was held in the heart of the City, tens of thousands of people attended. Prior to the festival the Palau Association proposed that the churches pick up on the concept of a “Season of Service”.Through Compassion’s programs, children are supported through every stage of life, and are equipped to bring lasting change to their families and communities.

CityServe 2012

In 2012 the ‘Season of Service’ concept was adapted for Newcastle to a ‘One Day’ project with the hope that by limiting projects to one day or weekend it might make it an achievable goal for churches. The intention was that this would become an annual focus that connected the church to the community. In 2012 more than 1000 volunteers serving across the Hunter completed 100 + community projects; school playgrounds and facilities were transformed, derelict city buildings painted, streets and parks cleaned and homes or gardens of the needy given a makeover.

In 2013 City Serve was again embraced by the churches of the region. Lake Macquarie City Council with the support of their Mayor Cr Jodie Harrison and LMCC project manager Brad Smith joined the CityServe initiative. In the Newcastle a unique partnership emerged between the Church, Newcastle City Council, Hunter Surf Life Saving and the business community. This partnership arose when 5 City Church pastors asked the Lord Mayor how they could assist the city and the ‘surf club renewal projects’ were established. The goal was to paint, clean and restore 6 Hunter Surf Clubs over 5 weekends. During the project 800 people volunteered contributing around 5000 work hrs. The estimated total value was over $550 000.

In 2014 the church continued to reach out and expand its service in the community. Director Infrastructure NCC Frank Cordingley described CityServe as “a fantastic example of people caring about their communities and being willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in for positive change.” He described his experience of the CityServe volunteer program as being, “one of the best that he has observed throughout his career in council.”CityServe Evaluation Report 2014

Shellharbour Ministers

In 2014 CityServe was established in Shellharbour. A group of pastors heard about the Newcastle initiative and approached Rick Prosser to establish the program in their local area. The ‘Little Park’ Project was successfully completed; 150 plus volunteers contribute 750 hours of move tonnes of topsoil, soft fall and mulch throughout the park. Gardens were tidied, and fences, handrails and gates repainted. The volunteers partnered with Shellharbour local council and a sense of community and unity established.

In 2015 CityServe completed 60 plus projects mobilising 1500+ volunteers. There were 100+ participating organisations and 9000 volunteer hours were mobilized. It has been estimated that the commercial value of council projects alone was $630 000.

CityServe 2015 Evaluation Report

CityServe Chairman Rick Prosser, Lord Mayor Cr Nuatali Nelmes, Pastor Sue Irwin

In Jan 2016 CityServe was awarded the ‘Australia Day Community Organisation of the Year Award’ by Newcastle City Council.


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