Sally Smith of BelAir Baptist

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We successfully completed our project at Kotara Park on 18 October and had fun doing it.
Overall there were about 20 people aged from 4 to 80 and everyone said it was a good experience. The morning team went hard at it right from the start and had to be told to stop for lunch and leave some for the afternoon team. The warm dry day meant that it could be recoated after not too long. We finished it all easily by 2pm, the exact time a family turned up with scones with jam and cream for afternoon tea.

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– The 4 year old who followed his dad’s rule not to dip his brush in the paint but to only use the paint on the inside of the tin. He did brilliantly.

– The artist who demonstrated his control over paint by painting the top of the windows with his brush tied to a stick while we waited for the ladder. Amazing job.

– The guy who came with his partner who hadn’t been to our church before, but just happened to be a professional painter. His help was invaluable.
– Everyone who was there until the end cheered the council workers who said we didn’t have to wash brushes or rollers.
Several new people to our church got to know others


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